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Welcome to our new pricing model

The Big Change: Most of the hardware is now free

As always: Unlimited bandwidth, malware virus and ad blocking, all for 6.25 cents per day.


Security and Privacy, meet Anonymity.

The power of the Tiny Hardware Firewalls plus Tor: The Yi Sun-shin


The Internet is an increasingly hostile environment.  In this age of supercookies, zero day exploits, and Snowden revelations anonymity is harder to retain than a fading memory.  The Yi Sun-shin adds a layer of anonymity to the security of a hardware firewall and the privacy of a VPN. 

With this Tiny Hardware Firewall no one entity will know if you are using Tor, a VPN, your IP address, physical location, identity, DNS requests, which Internet services you are using or the content of your encrypted Internet traffic.  This protection extends to your apple watch, phone, tablet, laptop; anything with a WiFi or Ethernet connection.

The Yi Sun-shin Tiny Hardware Firewall

The Yi Sun-shin Tiny Hardware Firewall

There is no software to download, install, or configure.  The Yi Sun-Shin has all of the features of our Napoleon TinyHardwareFirewall save for the power supply.  It has double the memory and  an additional Ethernet port. The extra memory allows Tor to run, and the two Ethernet ports allow you to turn off the radio and keep radio silence if you wish.  It can be powered by anything with a USB port including USB batteries typically used for recharging phones.

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