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Firewall Your Phone, Tablet, Laptop and a friend

with a pocketable firewall vpn and Tor client 


It is time to put some hardware in your Internet Defense Kit

Especially when it is a Editors' Choice !


The Internet is an increasingly hostile environment.  Every device you have is under cybersiege.  If your dog has an IP address then chances are someone will try to hack Fido.  

Until now a hardware firewall was just too big and bulky to carry around.  Not any more.  You now have four pocket size choices and the three on the right have their own 5, 10 and 30 hour batteries built in.  The one on the far left weighs less than 35 grams, that is less than six quarters and a dime.

You can now have a self powered malware blocking 256bit vpn capable hardware firewall running in your pocket, protecting your phone, tablet, laptop, and maybe a friend.

Your devices will no longer be directly exposed to the Internet or some untrusted local network.  Your device will only talk to the Tiny Hardware Firewall (THF) and only the connections you initiate will pass through the THF.  All unsolicited traffic headed toward you will be dropped like it hit an invisible wall. On top of that, the VPN will encrypt all of your traffic before it goes out over the Internet. There is no software to install and it will protect up to four of your devices.

Now Available with Monthly VPN Subscriptions.

Quick Look:

  • The THF runs a hardened Open Source Firewall
  • It has a 256bit AES VPN Client Built in

  • It comes with one year of high speed VPN service

  • It is True Plug and Play - Zero Conf. There is NO software to install or configure

  • It comes pre-configured, tested and ready to go

  • It can be powered by the USB port of a laptop or an external USB battery

  • It can protect four of your devices at once

  • It works with wired or wireless Internet connections

  • It can optionally block Malware and even web advertisements

  • The battery powered units can charge your phone or tablet

  • The Tor option goes live February 1, 2015